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How to make a CBD purchase online?

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many (nearly 500) cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant, particularly present in oils and resins. Among the most known is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, psychotropic responsible for the effect known as 'stone' or high.

Even if they come from the same cannabis plant, CBD and THC are totally opposite: THC is an excitant and agitates the nervous system, causing changes in perception and behavior. While CBD has relaxing effects: it soothes the nervous system and diverts its attention from stress and pain, leading to a feeling of relief. The CBD molecule from hemp is a real ally for health. THC is illegal in France.

In our store we propose a choice of small flowers of CBD at small price, with variable rates of CBD which will fill all the needs. We use CBD hemp grown in Europe at the forefront of this very important next step for the advancement of natural health and wellness products. We distribute these products throughout France and offer delivery for any purchase over 50€. Purchasing products made from CBD hemp flowers such as oils will greatly reduce your stress and anxiety, which has a major impact on your health.

What forms does CBD come in?

CBD or Cannabidiol can be consumed in various forms and for affordable prices. The most popular forms of CBD are:

CBD hemp oil and CBD capsules.

Some CBD consumers take CBD in capsule form, while others opt for hemp CBD oil. These are the two preferred forms of pharmaceutical cannabis: precise CBD levels, easy and instant intake. If you don't like the taste of the hemp plant and don't want to brew it, but still want to enjoy all its benefits, then you should go for the oils and capsules. In France, you can order your CBD oils at low prices and you just have to wait for the delivery.

CBD oil has also proven to have benefits when incorporated into cosmetics and consumed as a balm or ointment for topical application.

Another form favored by consumers is CBD flowers:

They allow for the concoction of herbal teas, can be vaporized or used in dishes as herbs. These three modes of consumption allow the user to enjoy the taste of plants created by terpenes, while offering the full benefits of CBD. The followers of the Do It Yourself will be able to even make their oils starting from flowers.

The resins of CBD:

The resin of CBD is extracted from the flowers of hemp: it is in their sap that is contained the major part of the cannabidiol.
Offering a different flavor from the flowers, CBD resins are concentrated and therefore have very high CBD levels.

Pure CBD crystals:

CBD crystals are the purest form of cannabidiol. Its level of purity reaches 99%, and contains 1% of other cannabidiol like CBG, but never THC. It comes in the form of a very fine white powder, and is made by CO2 extraction from legal hemp. This product can be used in many ways: cosmetics, recipes, vaporization ... All for a low price. However, because of their very high concentration in CBD, it is necessary to weigh the substance with a precision scale to ensure the amount that will be absorbed.

CBD e-liquids:

For electronic cigarette enthusiasts, there are CBD e-liquids that allow you to recharge your vapoteuse in cannabidiol. This method allows you to enjoy all the flavors that the CBD plant has to offer, while helping people to quit smoking. Most e-liquids are made from vegetable glycerin and flavors or terpenes. It is important to find out what these CBD products are made of to make sure they are suitable for vape.

You can also find all sorts of edible products with CBD in them, such as chocolate, honey, various teas and infusions, or ice cream and candy.

How to make a CBD purchase online?

You want to make a CBD purchase on the internet (oil, flower, cosmetics, candy, herbal tea ...) but still had doubts? Minibud helps you to see more clearly on this widespread practice that requires to have some elements in hand not to be disappointed. You will find a wide range of CBD products on the internet, such as flowers, cannabidiol cannabis oil or candy. The effect arrives after a time which depends on the mode of assimilation and thus of the product, but the benefits are the same.

The explosion of internet sales

Even today, buying on the Internet can be a source of concern or mistrust for consumers. However, it is a model that is developing more and more, and some insurance is being put in place. In 2021, online sales jumped by 15.1%, breaking records year after year.

In the cannabidiol (CBD) sector, almost 40% of sales are made online in the United States. The introduction of CBD is more recent in Europe, these figures are not yet published, but they should be in the same range. Applied to the French market, the online sale of CBD hemp would represent 120 million euros per year. So you see, no need to worry: selling CBD products on the net is getting easier and safer.

Is it legal to buy CBD on the internet and have it delivered?

Yes, you can totally buy your CBD products, or directly hemp flowers, on the Internet without worrying! You are completely legitimate.

First of all because cannabidiol, or CBD, is not a psychotropic drug. It is a soothing molecule that helps regulate stress, anxiety and improves sleep quality. Secondly, because CBD hemp products are subject to a special dispensation that regulates the marketing and use of legal CBD cannabis. However, in order to be legal, the entrepreneurs of the legal cannabis sector will have to make sure that all their products (paper, textile, food or cosmetic) do not exceed the THC limit authorized by the legislation in force in France and in Europe, that is to say 0,3% of THC.

Our delivery method is respectful of your privacy: no mention of CBD on the package, just a sober package that leaves nothing to be seen. Because if CBD is legal, it can still be stigmatized by some people. To carry out your purchase of flower CBD will never have been so simple.

The legislation is constantly evolving on these CBD products, offering more security to producers and consumers while ensuring that it does not interfere with the fight against drugs. Indeed, it has been announced the implementation of an experimentation on therapeutic cannabis, as well as the creation of a parliamentary mission with the objective of shaping and framing a French network of quality Hemp Wellness.

Online CBD store or physical CBD store, what are the advantages?

The subject is vast and depends largely on the store in question, so we will try to list the different advantages of each model in the form of a digestible list.

The advantages of selling CBD online:

  • Very competitive prices due to the multitude of players in the CBD industry,
  • A vast choice of cheap CBD products, among which it can be hard to find your way, in which case you should not hesitate to read the product descriptions or ask for advice,
  • Many varieties of CBD hemp flowers. Here again, if you don't know what you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask for help, we will be happy to help you choose the CBD products that suit you! You can also have a look at our customer reviews,
  • A store open 24/7! Yes, the vast majority of CBD online stores are always open, and if they are unavailable, it is usually due to technical maintenance to strengthen the site's infrastructure.
  • In addition, most CBD stores offer delivery for orders over a certain amount, which is rarely large.

The advantages of selling CBD in physical stores:

  • Live advice: where asking for advice from an online retailer can be time-consuming if the request is made outside of after-hours service, retailers in physical stores are usually not stingy with advice and anecdotes about their CBD products and their effects.
  • The possibility of seeing the product. While it's easy to be tempted by beautiful photos of CBD flowers, there's nothing like being able to see the product you want to buy. And this is even more true for the smell, totally imperceptible online, which is however one of the main criteria in the selection of a variety of CBD cannabis.
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