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You want to buy CBD flower in France? Minibud CBD offers its services of delivery of CBD at low price in all France. All our flowers are from indoor cultivation, ensuring an impeccable quality.

What is the CBD flower?

The flowers of CBD come from the hemp, also called Cannabis Sativa L. The molecule of cannabidiol, contained in this said flower was recently registered with the list of the substances authorized by the European laws. Not to be confused with THC (the molecule responsible for the psychotropic effect of cannabis), CBD, which is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, also present in hemp flowers, is legal.

In order for a flower to be authorized for cultivation, sale and consumption, it must have a THC level lower than 0.3%. Among the families of flowers of CBD most known, there is the flower sativa, resulting from tropical climate and getting a stimulating effect, as well as the flower of CBD indica, possessing higher rate of CBD.

What are the different types of CBD plants?

There are many different strains of cannabis from which CBD plants are derived. In order to help you make your CBD flower purchase, we'll explain the basics a bit. Some of the most popular ones include:

Haze genome:

The result of long genetic selection and crossbreeding by the Haze brothers in California, the Haze cannabis strain is now among the most popular. Its subtle notes of spices, mixed with fruity, sweet and earthy touches make a perfect cocktail of flavours. Originally rich in THC, the CBD variety offers all the benefits without the psychotropic effects. Among the most famous descendants are the Super Silver Haze CBD, the Amnesia Haze CBD, the Chocolate Haze CBD or the Lemon Haze CBD.

The line Skunk:

This variety today very famous in the world of the hemp appeared in the United States in the years 1970 and is resulting from a crossing between Mexican, Colombian and Afghan varieties. The variety which resulted from it is none other than Skunk #1, mother of numerous varieties present on the market. It exists of course today in version hemp CBD. It has a pungent, earthy taste and a powerful smell. Many popular flowers are issued from this genetics, as the Lemon Skunk CBD, the Orange Bud CBD, the Super Skunk CBD or the Amnesia CBD.

Kush strains:

The genetics Kush draws its name from the mountain range Hindu Kush, which borders India and Afghanistan. It is a hybrid with dominant Indica, and presents the classic properties: small, dense and bushy, with a dark green color. It presents an odor of spicy or lemony incense, and an earthy taste, being able to remind that of the hash. The variety Kush is at the origin of numerous varieties of CBD hemp available on the market: OG Kush CBD, Orange Kush CBD, Strawberry Kush CBD...

To what correspond the various types of flowers CBD?

In the field of cannabis, flowers are differentiated by the way the CBD hemp plant has been cultivated.
There are three main growing methods for CBD hemp:


The indoor corresponds to the culture under lamp, inside. It allows growers to have control over all the parameters, from the growth to the flowering of the CBD flowers. Thanks to the indoor culture, the producers of legal cannabis can now supervise the contribution of CO2, the artificial light, the humidity, the temperature, the concentrations of the various nutrients, and the acidity of the substrate (pH). This is how all of our CBD flowers are produced to ensure unparalleled quality, texture, aroma and taste.

The Greenhouse:

The Greenhouse method of culture corresponds to a production under greenhouse. This method reconciles certain advantages of the indoor and others of the outdoor. The CBD plants indeed benefit from the natural light of the sun and can spread their roots in a deep ground, in addition to being sheltered from the bad weather and the climate. In addition to protection from extreme temperatures, Greenhouse production allows for the creation of a microclimate that is very beneficial for the plants, which then flourish and produce beautiful CBD hemp flowers.

The Outdoor:

The culture known as outdoor corresponds to a culture in outside, directly under the light of the sun. The CBD plant feeds on the nutrients directly present in the ground. This method of production is less expensive than the others and allows to obtain quality CBD hemp flowers at a reduced price.

Is CBD flower a drug?

The CBD flower has different properties from the so-called "recreational" cannabis and is not considered a drug. It is the concentration of THC in the flower that will determine its classification. However, as mentioned earlier, CBD flowers have a low THC concentration: they contain relatively high levels of cannabidiol. The so-called "high" effect is not present in CBD flowers. The molecule does not represent any danger for your health and you cannot become dependent on this product. That's why CBD products are sold freely in France, as well as in the whole European Union.

How to buy CBD flowers in France?

If you are looking for CBD flowers in France, Minibud offers you a delivery of all its products throughout France in order to make you discover the best little CBD flowers. Among our references, you will find the Bubble Madam, a sweet hybrid with dominant sativa, the Spotty Dress, perfectly balanced at 50% sativa and 50% indica, or the Red Mouth, a very fruity sativa, with a strawberry flavor. All our varieties are produced in indoor and are thus of premium quality. All our flowers are selected and tested by us, after having carried out the legal analyses necessary to be put on the market. Making a CBD purchase online has never been easier!

Our team packs your products by hand in original hermetic packs in the image of our brand. To guarantee you maximum discretion, there is no indication on the package that could reveal the nature of the order. You can therefore order in complete peace of mind and have your order discreetly delivered to your home.

If you wish to order CBD flowers, you just have to go to our products and add them to your cart in order to place an order. If several varieties tempt you and you have difficulty in making a choice, we have foreseen the blow with our customizable packs which will propose you to choose several varieties among all our catalog. Once the order is placed, the products will be delivered to your home discreetly.

How and for what to use the CBD flower?

There are many applications for CBD flower, and many ways to consume it. In the industrial sector for example, it can be used to make durable materials for the building industry or the nautical world. Because of its rich composition in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and omegas, CBD flower is widely used in the food industry.

The CBD flower can be transformed in the form of oils or hydrolats which enter the composition of cosmetic products.
Cannabis CBD flowers are not meant to be smoked, but can be taken as an infusion for example. CBD has a positive effect on stress and anxiety and can thus considerably improve the quality of sleep. It is an alternative medicine, will help you to find sleep in a natural way and without sleeping pills. CBD flowers can reduce your pain and inflammation.

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