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Who are we?

The CBD market has been flourishing for 4 years now, and like all commercial sectors, it faces a common problem: consumers who want products at low cost, without seeing the quality of these products impacted. Today, buying cheap CBD too often means buying CBD of poor quality: outdoor tasteless and mixes that do not allow you to fully enjoy what each variety can give you.

Minibud, it is 4 years of experience and expertise in the field of the legal CBD in France which are put at your service and wishes to impose itself on the market of the discount CBD, while being made guarantee of the quality of the products which we distribute. All our varieties are cultivated in indoor, and are tested and selected for you, according to the attributes which hold you with heart: the taste; the odor, the power and the texture. Be reassured, we are also very fussy about the legal aspect of CBD in France, and we follow the evolution of the legislation closely. All our plants are tested in laboratory and present rates of THC lower than the 0,3% in force.

If we manage to offer quality products at low cost, it is because we are specialized in mini buds of CBD: the smaller flowers, which do not benefit from the visibility which is due to them. In fact, their quality is identical to conventional size flowers.

Minibud, by the creators of Mybud, is also a great experience in the field of online sales and all related issues: experience and customer service, deliveries, availability. We mobilize all our knowledge to facilitate your CBD purchase on the Internet.

The Minibud team

The packaging
The customer service
The web team
The artists
All of our packages are meticulously prepared by hand by our order team: they are to the point! You place your order, and the buds are directly selected and packed by our team who has only one objective: to deliver the best flowers as soon as possible.
A question about your order or about our CBD flowers? Our customer service will be able to guide you and remove any doubts you may have. Our team puts all its knowledge and energy at your service to ensure that you have everything you need at your disposal.
When you think of online sales, you think of a team of geeks: they're the ones who ensure the quality and smooth running of our site. Their job is to make sure that you can order all our products at any time, but also that you are informed. They do their best to provide you with quality and up-to-date information to share their knowledge on the subject. No one wants to buy a product they know nothing about, right?
Our designers are real powerhouses and will always be there to provide you with an enjoyable experience, but not only online. They not only designed our website, our logo, but also imagined the packages in which we ship our flowers, as well as the various displays that we hang at our partners.
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