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If you are interested in several varieties of small buds, Minibud offers you to compose your own  CBD discovery pack ! And all this while still saving money, isn't that sexy? 
To guide you in your  CBD purchase, Minibud has prepared some answers to frequently asked questions:

What are CBD small buds?

Small buds are small hemp flowers, with an excellent quality/price ratio. They are so named because of their size: about one centimeter. Bud is an English word which, in this context, means head.

How are our small buds grown?

There are several modes of culture:

  • The indoor: It is the mode of premium culture, the one which ensures a strong taste, a powerful smell and a texture of most satisfactory. Indoor plants are generally smaller, and therefore produce less: this is why indoor products are generally a little more expensive than others.
  • The outdoor: It is the mode of culture discount. It ensures a great output for the producer, but that is done at the expense of the final product. The heads are less compact, less odorous, and especially less tasty.
  • The greenhouse: It is the in-between. The plants have an interesting yield and commendable properties, but they do not excel in anything: they are neither the best, nor the cheapest.

All our flowers are grown indoors and are therefore of superior quality.

Why are small buds cheaper?

Because of their size, they are often put aside, either by the producers or by the distributors. However, their quality is in no way inferior to that of normal buds. That's why we decided to offer you these products at discount prices; it allows you to discover new CBD flowers without emptying your wallet.

How to consume mini CBD buds?

We list the potency of each of our plants, measured in a laboratory. Choose the flowers with the levels of CBD most adapted to your need for an optimal experience of relaxation. Of course, the varieties having different flavors, it will also depend on the taste of each one!

You can consume your CBD of several ways, but attention: we advise you not to smoke it, because the effect of combustion is very toxic.

  • Infusion: it preserves the molecules of the flower and allows you to take full advantage of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties.
  • Cooking: many chefs have tried it and adopted it, so why not you? Recipes with CBD are everywhere on the internet, and it is a good way to preserve its properties while preserving your body. 
  • Vaporization: unlike combustion, vaporization does not emit smoke. It releases only water vapor, loaded with the preserved molecules of the CBD. It is thus less harmful to vaporize its CBD than to smoke it. This mode of consumption requires an adapted device, which exist in all the ranges of price.
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