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Why choose a CBD discovery pack?

Choosing a CBD hemp discovery pack means choosing the satisfaction of discovering a wide range of smells and experimenting with several potencies, while having the comfort of a single order and a single delivery, all for a mini price.

Our CBD discovery packs are suitable for several audiences. If you are new and want to discover the world of CBD, our Fourties pack will allow you to try several flowers with different flavors and different concentrations. Indeed, it can be difficult for new consumers to make their choice among all the options of varieties of CBD flowers present on our shop. With the smallest pack at Minibud, you can already choose 4 varieties from our selection, for a price that even connoisseurs will appreciate.
If you are already familiar with the world of hemp CBD, our Fifties and Sixties packs will allow you to select your favorite flowers in quantities that will satisfy you for a long time. The bigger the CBD pack, the lower the price per gram of flower, starting at 1,66€ per gram of indoor flower.
The CBD discovery pack is an original gift idea that will allow you to discover the benefits of CBD to the people around you, while making them taste a wide range of flavors.


What is in a CBD discovery pack?

Our flower varieties are carefully chosen by our teams for their quality and taste. All are grown indoors, ie the best quality that is.
Minibud is the specialist of small buds of CBD: all our flowers are about 1 centimeter.
The CBD flowers come from hemp plants and are dried and preserved in an optimal way: this is called curing. Our products do not undergo any transformations and thus offer all their natural flavours.
You can compose your pack CBD yourself, except for the one for Sixties which already includes all our varieties of flowers CBD, which are:

- The Bubble Madam

It is a hybrid variety with dominant sativa, and containing a medium concentration in CBD: it is ideal for all the profiles.
The Bubble Madam has a complex taste, defined by notes of gum, spice, fruits and earth.

- The White Scarf

It is a hybrid plant with big dominant indica: it is thus a rather stocky variety, bushy. Its taste as its smell is very sweet, being able to remind cookies.
It has a weak concentration in CBD: it is perfectly adapted to the beginners or to the people looking for a light effect.

- The Spotty Dress

The Spotty Dress is a balanced variety, in 50 % indica and 50 % sativa. It is a variety resulting from the family known as "diesel", which release aromas of citrus fruits and pine. Its concentration in CBD is as balanced as its genome, lending itself to any type of user.

- The Red Mouth

This variety is intended for the users who want a little more than the relaxing properties of the CBD: its pronounced taste of strawberry makes of it a plant particularly desired for its flavours.
With a rate of CBD of 6%, it will know how to delight all the consumers.

- The Queen Kush

- The Sweet Lady


Is CBD legal?

All our CBD products are tested in laboratory and present a rate of THC lower than 0,3%, that is to say the legal concentration in France and in Europe. And to add comfort, and in a concern for privacy, our packages are sent discreetly and do not include any mention of the CBD sector. Our products are meticulously prepared and packaged by hand in airtight bags. Each of our strains has its own packaging, and a pack is sent in a pouch with each strain separate in its own bag. If you have any questions about CBD, you can contact our team who will always be happy to answer them, whether on legal issues or to enlighten you in your choices.

How to consume our hemp CBD flowers?

CBD flowers can be consumed in several ways. It will be up to you to choose the one that suits you the most among these methods:
This is one of the most common ways of consumption. It allows to preserve the molecule and its effects, and does not alter the taste of the plant. For an optimal assimilation, it is necessary to add a fat to the preparation, like butter or vegetable oil. Indeed, the molecule of CBD being fixed on the fat, you thus make sure to have all the benefits of it. An infusion prepared half an hour before going to bed will prepare your body for sleep.


Vaporization is a solution often preferred by connoisseurs. It makes it possible to obtain more quickly the effects of the flowers, because contrary to the infusion, not need to wait for the digestion. The aromas are preserved and transported by the water vapor, contrary to the combustion which makes the smoke. The integrity of the molecular structure of CBD is preserved to guarantee you the best unaltered effects.
The recommended vaporizer temperature for CBD flowers is 180°C.

Food preparation

CBD flowers can be directly integrated into food preparations. Generally chopped or crushed, they can be integrated into your favorite dishes. This is particularly common with white meats and fish. There is no rule, but you can assume that wherever you put herbs de Provence, you can replace them with CBD flower crumbs.
And if you feel like a little sweetness, you can incorporate it in your pastries: it's what we call a Space Cake.
Same business as with the infusions, it is necessary a fat body in the preparation in order to fix the molecules of CBD. As it passes by the digestion also, the effects are about similar to those of an infusion.

If you go on a CBD flower discovery pack, you will see that each species of cannabis brings a unique touch to the consumption.


What are the benefits of CBD flowers?

CBD is a compound extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant that has been widely used for medicinal purposes. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and is found in certain oils of this plant. The various medicinal benefits of CBD include pain relief, anti-depression and anti-anxiety, ability to protect against neurological damage and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD also improves memory function. In addition, it does not produce the high caused by marijuana. This suggests that CBD has good therapeutic potential for use in the treatment of several conditions, including anxiety, pain, sleep disorders and more. More recently, CBD has been shown to have some anti-cancer properties. CBD is an important area of research as it is considered a relatively safe alternative treatment.


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